Haiti Initiative


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and one of the poorest in the world. The 7 million Creole and French-speaking people (80% of them Catholic) live in mostly rural areas. The families live in thatched or tin roof homes without running water or electricity. Their livelihood comes from selling produce from a small plot of farmland. Ninety percent earn less than $150 US dollars annually.

There is one doctor per 50,000 people in Haiti. Babies die at a rate of 60 per 1,000 live births. 80 children per 1,000 live births die before the age of 5. The life expectancy for adults is 49 years. More than 80% live without electricity, 80% are illiterate. Because life is a constant struggle for survival, the people of Latiboliere definitely benefit from our prayers and our generosity.

Greatest Needs

  1. Clean water
  2. Food
  3. Medicine
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Nutritional education

Our Mission

In the pursuit of peace and justice, we strive to be the compassion of Christ, as we advocate for and minister to those in need.

Our Goal

To enrich our lives and become better citizens of the world as we keep our eyes and minds open to the beauty of the people of Latiboliere. To provide programs for and support to members of the community of Latiboliere that assist them in making needed, sustainable changes to their lives. We seek to empower them by working side by side with them to improve education, health care, provide potable water and enhance employment opportunities.

Our Values

We believe our efforts should be grounded in Scripture, Sacrament, and Service.

Our Vision

We work and pray so that one day the people of Haiti experience the justice deserved by all God’s children; food is plentiful, medical care is available and hearts are full of joy.

Our Parish Twinning Program

For 10 years, St. Mary Parish has been dedicated to nurturing: understanding, friendship, and love between our parish and the people of Latiboliere. We seek to establish a viable and loving relationship through frequent communication and prayerful solidarity. With an emphasis on creating very real and personal relationships, many individuals have visited Haiti as a result of our outreach. These visits develop relationships which form a bridge whereby the love of God flows in both directions as we care, share, pray for and learn from one another. Our relationship is supported by The Parish Twinning Program of the America's.

Catholic Social Teaching and Twinning: Invaluable Insights

As Catholics, our social tradition demands that we discern the "signs of our times," listening to the many voices of our world and interpreting them in light of the divine Word. Here at St. Mary's, we are blessed as our twinning relationship provides us with an invaluable perspective and the joy of getting to know the wonderful people on Latiboliere. Join us in our exploration of the eight themes of Catholic Social Teaching through their realities.


Ways to Help

Water and Sanitation Help, Nutritional support, Education Initiatives, Health InitiativeSoccer Initiative, Collections, packing and shipment of Sea Containers, and Mission Teams to Haiti.

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Contact Us

Andrea Kachellek
Haiti Committee Cochair
Email: andream327@gmail.com
(414) 510-4307

Barb Schwartz
Haiti Committee Cochair
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Pam Lownik
Director of Social Concerns & Outreach
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