Grades 1-5

Parents are able to choose from the following options for these sessions: 

  1. 1st grade only: Sunday mornings 9am-10:15am
  2. Grades 1-8:  Sunday mornings 10:40am - 11:55am
  3. Grades 1-8: Monday evenings 6:00pm-7:15pm


Elementary (Grades 1-5) Catholic Formation is focused on forming small groups of peers in faith.  It's primary focus is to bring small groups of peers (10 children or less) led by at least one trained catechist leader/guide in bringing everyone together to strengthen their relationship with Jesus, the Church, their peers, family unit at home and the greater community.

Elementary Catholic Formation fosters opportunities for the children and families to learn and live out the teachings of Jesus and the Catholic faith through the Core Values of St Mary Catholic Faith Community:

Pray All Ways

Become Eucharist

Know God-Share God

Reflect Love 

Multiply the Kingdom