Financial Council

This commission has the broad responsibility for planning, communicating priorities, and setting goals established by Pastoral Council. 

This commission meets 3 times per year; January, April, and October. Parish members with a financial background are encouraged to serve on this commission. The committees are: Finance, Stewardship/Fund Raising, Endowment, Building and Grounds, IT, Personnel and Website.


The Finance Council acts in an advisory capacity to the pastor, parish council, staff, affiliated organizations and parishioners regarding parish finances. This includes managing budgets, financial and physical resources, overseeing regular church support and special fundraising events.

The pastor, two trustees, the Director of Administrative Services, several parishioners, and a Pastoral Council representative comprise the Council. Members with financial backgrounds are desired, to meet monthly and serve 3 year terms.

Stewardship / Fund Raising

All parishioners are asked to commit a financial pledge to the parish every November based on information provided by the Finance Committee chairperson's forecast of the next year's fiscal needs and trends in giving.

Occasionally, a Fund Raising committee is formed for the purpose of additional fundraising. This committee is being formed for the upcoming fiscal year.


The St. Mary Parish/School Endowment Fund is a long-term savings plan intended to secure the financial future of parish operations and services, as well as the continuation of quality education at our school. This fund is managed by the St. Mary Parish/School Endowment Advisory Board which coordinates fundraising activities, oversees fund investments, and disbursements.

For more information, please see the Endowment Fund page.

Building and Grounds

Working in partnership with the Parish and School Maintenance Manager, the Buildings and Grounds Committee identifies parish facility short- and long-term maintenance and improvement needs. When necessary, the committee develops proposals to the pastor and Pastoral Council to address the needs.

IT (Information Technology)

The IT Committee advises and supports the parish and school on technology related issues. They will assist the Director of Technology with planning and providing hardware/network support regarding system upgrades and utilization of appropriate new technology advances. The Committee meets 2-3 times per year.


The Personnel Committee shall serve to review and develop personnel policies and practices for the parish employees. The Committee also provides advice on all aspects of human resources management for the parish and school. The Committee meets twice per year.

Web Site

Parish activities, announcements, service opportunities and liturgical information are available on the St. Mary website. Parishioners with a background in web page know-how are encouraged to offer their assistance to the Director of Technology