Preparing Children for First Reconciliation

An Invitation                                                                                                         

As children reach the age of reason, generally around the age of seven, the Church extends to them an invitation to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Initiated into the Christian community at baptism, the children are now called to prepare for the sacrament of God's living mercy.  

Building a Foundation 

Children entering into preparation for this sacrament will have participated in either a Catholic elementary day-school or parish formation program for at least one year prior to the immediate preparation for this sacrament.  Regular formation activities, provided through the parish school or formation program, together with the formation parents are providing in the home, forms the foundation upon which the preparation for first reconciliation can be built. 

Immediate Preparation 

In preparing for the Sacrament of Reconcilaition, St. Mary partners with parents to provide children a basic understanding of their dynamic relationship with God, a basic understanding of the meaning of sin in relationships, formation of conscience, and an appreciation of the love, peace and mercy extended through the sacrament.  

Children preparing to receive this sacrament do so through individual student formation in the parish day school or formation program, family learning sessions led by parents, as well as regular participation in the celebration of Sunday Eucharist. 

A parent information session is held annually at the start of the preparation to discuss program components, schedule and to coach parents in leading the family sessions. 








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