Eucharistic Ministers

A great way to attend Mass is by becoming part of the liturgy. Eucharistic Ministers help distribute the Eucharist to the faith community, reminding us of the words of St. Paul: "You are the body of Christ."

Serving as a Eucharistic Minister is also a wonderful opportunity, as a parent, to impress upon your child the importance of serving in the parish community. Perhaps this role model action will inspire your child to serve in the parish community as they get older.

Schedules are posted on an automated scheduler, three months prior to the commitment. With the new scheduling system, you can commit for one month at a time or certain weeks out of the month. If you are not comfortable with a regular commitment, there is also a need for substitutes (subs) at all Masses. Subs are normally contacted by the Eucharistic Minister but may also be approached the Assisting Sacristan at a Mass youare attending if a need arises.

Training sessions are held in January and September, with the date and time announced shortly beforehand. If you have interest in joining this ministry and a training session is not currently schedule, please contact Fred Kleczka to ensure you are notified of the upcoming session.

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