St. Mary Parish School Curriculum

At St. Mary Parish School, classroom instruction is designed using the Milwaukee Archdiocese Educational and WI Academic Standards. "I Can" statements guide daily lessons which assist with students' understanding of the skills being taught. Our teachers individualize lessons and provide accommodations / modifications based on individual student needs. A wide variety of techniques are used to engage the students through visual, auditory, oral language, and hands-on learning.

Our students are continuously reminded of the Catholic values, Catholic Social Teachings, and Virtues, which are incorporated throughout all content areas and lessons, to assist in relationship building, social dispositions, and faith building. 

For more information, please see the Early Childhood brochure and "I Can" statements for each grade level.


St. Mary Parish School is dedicated to providing a quality Catholic Christian education to the community of St. Mary Parish. The basic organization structure of the school's educational program is:

  • Three Year Old Kingergarten; 3 half or full days per week,  2 half or full days per week or 5 half or full days a week.
  • Four Year Old Kindergarten; 5 days per week, full day and half day available
  • Five Year Old Kindergarten; full day session - with a religious and academic focus.
  • Partially self-contained classrooms in Grades 1-5, with the use of specialists in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Technology, Spanish, Reading Intervention, Math Intervention, Guidance and Art
  • Departmentalized classrooms in Grade 6 - 8, with the use of specialists in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Guidance, Reading Intervention

The following factors enhance the teaching/learning environment:

  1. State of Wisconsin Certified Principal and Teachers
  2. Archdiocesan Certified Religion Teachers
  3. Archdiocesan School Accreditation/Wisconsin Non-Public School Accrediting Association
  4. School Counselor - Grades K - 8
  5. Integrated Computer Education Program Grades - K - 8
  6. Environmental Education- Grades K - 8
  7. Private and group band lessons - Grades 4 - 8
  8. Fine Arts Program: Grades K4 - 8
  9. Spanish - Grades K - 8
  10. Chorus - Grades 3 - 8
  11. Availability of Individual Testings - Grades K - 8
  12. Student Council Leadership Program - Grades 4 - 8
  13. Hot Lunch Program 
  14. Library


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