Health Administrative Procedures and Concerns

Administrative Procedures

A. Educational and Preventative Measures

  1. The school will enforce examination/immunization requirements for all students.
  2. In cooperation with the public health nurse, the principal shall be responsible for the appropriate maintenance of a health station in the school building. A list of communicable diseases, as defined by the Department of Health and Social Services, shall be posted in the health station, and information regarding the suppression and control of communicable diseases shall be available for review by interested staff, parents and students.
  3. Information regarding suppression and control of communicable diseases will be included as a regular part of the Science, Religion, and Social Studies curriculum for students. 
  4. Standard procedures, as set forth in the current edition of Control of Communicable Diseases in Man, to prevent the spread of communicable diseases transmitted by air (such as tuberculosis, chicken pox, measles, mumps, and rubella) or by exchange of body fluids (such as hepatitis A and B, rotavirus, cytomegalovirus, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIV the spread of other conditions such as pediculosis, and scabies) will be followed by all staff in the performance of their duties. A single case of measles shall be considered a public health emergency. The local public health officer will be contacted immediately to determine an appropriate course of action.
  5. First aid supplies and equipment appropriate to reducing the risk of transmission of communicable diseases in the school, as determined by local public health officials, will be available in the school office. 
  6. The school will establish routines for handling body fluids consistent with the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.

B.  Confidentiality/Reporting

  1. The principal shall function as the school's liaison between students, staff, parents, physicians, public health officials and the community at large in matters concerning communicable disease issues in the school. 
  2. Any person who knows or suspects that a student has a communicable disease should share the information with the principal. The principal will confer with the public health nurse serving the school and, to the extent circumstances warrant and permit, with the subject of the report and the student's parent or guardian. 
  3. If required by public health statutes and regulations, the principal will make a report to the local public health officer. 
  4. The school will maintain the confidentiality of the health records of students and will not disclose any such records except to the extent required or permitted by law and essential to the safe conduct of the school's operations.

Health Concerns

If your child has specific health concerns that require special accommodations it is important to have a prepared health plan on file at school.

Please be sure to fill out both the health plan and the indemnity agreement, found in the column to your right, so that all staff that has contact with your child has the most up to date information to help keep your child safe at school. 

If you have any questions about reasonable accommodations or need further information, please contact your child’s teacher.

Health Care Team

  1. The health care team will consist of the Principal, the Administrative Assistant, and the School Secretaries, public health care nurse serving the school, local health officer, and to the extent that cooperation of such individuals can be obtained, the student and/or the student's parent or guardian and the student's physician. The team will confer, as necessary, with the village's medical advisor, the Parish's legal counsel, and with state public health officials.
  2. The health care team will convene at the request of the Principal to determine whether and under what circumstances a student may be sent home for diagnosis and treatment or excused from school attendance. The health care team may also receive referrals for the purpose of formulating recommendations regarding educational program modification, short of exclusion, that could permit the student to attend school without posing a significant threat to the health of self and others. 
  3. The health status of a student temporarily removed from the usual school setting to protect the health of self and others will be re-evaluated by the health care team at regular intervals. 
  4. The health care team will provide information to the Pastor and the Archdiocese to the extent permitted in light of confidentiality requirements.