Grades 4K-Grade 1 (Sundays)


This program welcomes the youngest members to our Faith Community and teaches about God’s love for us. It is their introduction to the teachings of the Catholic Faith. They will learn about God’s love for them, their family and friends. They will learn about the Church and the Bible. Through the wonders of creation, they will learn about all the wonderful things God has given us.


 Kindergartners will learn about the many ways God’s love affects them. God’s love gives us creation, makes me who I am, gives me people to love, gives me Jesus and teaches me to love.

Grade 1

Children in 1st grade deepen their understanding of God and begin to turn their attention to Jesus Christ and his mission and the friendship that he offers us.  Completion of 1st grade lays the framework for 2nd grade where the young people will prepare to receive Jesus in the Sacrament of Eucharist. 



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