Bulletin Submission Guidelines

Submitting Announcements for the Bulletin
Is your St. Mary Parish organization seeking to publish an event or activity in the bulletin?  To submit an announcement for publication, please email publicity for your event to the appropriate parish department directors listed at https://www.stmaryhc.org/about/staff.php.  The appropriate director must approve the announcement for publication.  You may compose the text in a Microsoft Word document and attach it to an email, or write it directly in the body of the email.  Because the bulletin is traditionally printed, any submitted digital photos and graphics must be created in high resolution, and then saved in high-resolution JPEG or TIFF or PNG files.

The department director to whom you send publicity will then approve or not approve your announcement.  If an announcement is approved, the department director will then pass the publicity to the Bulletin Editor for formatting.

The Bulletin Editor requires that approved announcements for publication be received no later than 4:00 pm, 9 (nine) days in advance of the Sunday-dated bulletin issue in which you would like the announcement to appear.  For example:  If you want your event’s announcement to appear in the Sunday, September 24, 2023 bulletin (and perhaps beyond), the appropriate parish department director will have had to send the approved announcement to the editor no later than Friday, September 15, 2023.  Please plan your submissions well in advance so that the directors have enough time to go over and approve the contents of your announcement.

Announcement Contents
All event/activity announcements should minimally contain:

  • What?
  • When? (includes date and time)
  • Where?
  • One, two, or more sentences describing the event or activity.  Registration deadlines for the event or activity, if there are any, must be published.  In most cases, a contact name, phone number and/or email address is required.

Additional Information Required
Run dates for the announcement*.  For most events or activities, publication of an announcement in two or three bulletins is sufficient.  The editor reserves the right to edit an announcement for space.

* Sometimes a run request cannot be honored due to overall space limitations.