Now Hiring: Project Manager / IT Coordinator

Job Description:  

The IT Coordinator supports the system and IT needs as well as the business processes of the school and parish. The position is a split position with ⅔ of the time allocated to the school and ⅓ to the parish. This person envisions where process improvements are needed and takes initiative to implement long-term solutions. As such this person is responsible for the balanced implementation of the directives of the Principal and Director of Administrative services under the supervision of the Technology Director.

  • Business process improvement tools and frameworks
  • Implementation of integrated solutions
  • Microsoft compatible laptops/desktops, Windows OS, other support software
  • Chromebooks/Chrome OS
  • Basic knowledge of Windows Server and Virtual Machine sufficient to carry out basic tasks
  • Help desk/ticket management systems
  • School/education related software (including, but not limited to: Google, MailChimp, Microsoft apps, Mail Merge, data extraction and migration, student roster setup for testing platforms, e-funds, Brightarrow)
  • Website management tools
  • Facebook and social media protocols
  • General technical support procedures
  • Search engines and how to use them effectively
  • Become familiar with and the in-house expert on PDS (Parish Data Systems), tuition management systems, and parish communication software


  • Implement process improvements
  • Ensure lasting integrated solutions for data management/business needs
  • Establish a professional working attitude and collaborative approach with all staff
  • Illustrate strong organization skills
  • Demonstrate strong, clear verbal and written communications skills


  • Establish and maintain a professional working relationship with all staff
  • Maintain strict confidentiality with all program and personnel matters
  • Take ownership of business processes and projects
  • Take initiative with envisioning improvements and long-term solutions
  • Model Catholic spirituality, attitudes, and behaviors

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