I Can Statement - 3rd Grade

Reading and Language Arts

I Can…

  • Demonstrate command of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
  • Apply spelling, punctuation, and Capitalization that I know.
  • Recognize and observe differences between the conventions of spoken and written standard English.
  • Determine the meaning of unknown and multiple meaning words or phrases by    examining a sentence to find clues.
  • Distinguish the literal and non-literal meanings of words and phrases in context.
  • Apply grade-level phonics and word analysis in decoding words.
  • Demonstrate and understand foundational reading skills.
  • Ask and answer questions to understand text.
  • Refer explicitly to the text to answer questions and make logical inferences.
  • Identify relationships within text.
  • Use search tools to locate key facts or information in text and technology.
  • Compare/contrast own point of view to the author’s point of view.
  • Identify structure(s) of paragraphs.
  • Analyze a character’s feelings and/or emotions.
  • Identify theme, setting, and plot.
  • Write informative/explanatory texts that include a topic that groups related information.
  • Write a personal narrative and opinion.



I Can…

  • Describe God the Father as Creator, God the Son as Savior, God the Holy Spirit as Helper and Advocate. Describe the primary symbols/gestures of each of the seven sacraments; e.g., laying on of hands.
  • Recognize the seven Corporal and seven Spiritual Works of Mercy.
  • Understand what rituals and devotions are and can provide examples of each.
  • Memorize the Hail Holy Queen.


I  Can…

  • Recognize the difference between a whole number and a fraction.
  • Identify and define rhombuses, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals based on their attributes.
  • Persevere in solving real life multi-step word problems.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide units of liters, grams, and kilograms.
  • Use unit squares of cm, m, in, ft, and other sizes of unit squares to measure area.
  • Multiply using an area model (array).
  • Apply knowledge of place value to multiply one-digit whole numbers by multiples of 10 in the range 10-90.
  • Multiply and divide within 100. 


I Can…

  • Demonstrate the relationship between   distance and strength of the force.
  • Identify the progression of life for plants and animals as; birth, growth and development, reproduction, death.
  • Identify extinct organisms.
  • Explain how changes in the environment such as pollution, natural disasters, and climate change can impact organisms.
  • Identify weather related hazards.
  • Construct explanations and design solutions


Social Studies

I Can…

  • Identify factors such as climate, technology, and job skills.
  • Describe the basic function of, and parts of our government.
  • Explore the significance of American Indians in the development of communities. 
  • Explain connection between local, community, national, and world events. 
  • Locate continents and oceans on a map. 
  • Apply basic Christian attitudes and skills in solving arguments and conflicts. 
  • Apply the teachings of Jesus to my community.