Middle School Honor Level

The Honor Level System is a program designed to recognize students for good behavior. It supplements the teacher’s classroom management system.  An emphasis is placed on teaching students to take responsibility for their actions.

An additional goal of the system is to create a building atmosphere in which students strive for proper behavior. Rewards for positive behavior include special events, selected school dances, and other incentives of interest to adolescents. Inappropriate behavior results in a series of progressive consequences and an accumulation of demerits.  As the number of demerits increases, a student’s Honor Level is adversely affected.

Honor Level One                   0 Demerits
Honor Level Two                   1-4 Demerits
Honor Level Three                5-8 Demerits
Honor Level Four                  9+ Demerit

All students begin each quarter on Honor Level 1.

An infraction Slip “worth” 1, 2, or 3 “demerit points” is issued to a student as a consequence for inappropriate behavior.  (See sample Infraction Slip.)  The student is requested to sign his/her Infraction Slip to become aware of the inappropriate behavior and to correct it immediately. The teacher then submits the Infraction Slip to the office where it is recorded.  Please note: demerit points issued by a substitute teacher will be doubled.    

Receiving infractions may change a student’s Honor Level.  Students on Honor Level Four may be excluded from special privileges such as participation in co-curricular activities. Students on Honor Levels Three and Four may be excluded from attendance at dances and special activity events. In addition, each time students receive an infraction they may proceed through one or more of the following steps:

  • Lunch Detention – Students obtain their lunch and report to directly to the lunch detention area.
  • After-School Detention – Students remain after school for 45 minutes in the detention room. To be excused from detention, a parent must come into school to check out his/her child unless other arrangements have been made in advance. 
  • In-School Suspension – Students spend a part of a day or a full day in the supervised in-school suspension room. Students are required to complete academic work while in the in-school suspension room.
  • Out-of-School Suspension – A student is not allowed to attend school and school events for a period of time. Parent attendance at a reinstatement conference is required upon the student’s return to school.

The Honor Level System is Forgiving!

If a student changes Honor Levels, he/she may return to the previous level provided no additional demerits are earned. One infraction point will be removed after 5 school days of not receiving any additional demerits.  At the end of each quarter, all students return to Honor Level 1."