Art Program

Objective of the Art Program:  

St. Mary School believes that "Art is for everyone," Art is a fundamental part of a balanced educational program, and Art is a language of the spirit.  As spiritual beings, we seek to grow in awareness of the presence of God in our daily lives and give students the joy of that experience.  We embrace the relationship of art with the beauty of God’s presence that surrounds us in the world. 

At St. Mary School, students will enhance their educational experience; express their feelings, values and ideals through art; build their independent and critical thinking skills; and be given exposure to:

  • Multiple Art concepts and techniques through clay, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, fiber arts, and mixed media.
  • View art from different times and cultures.
  • Internalize and independently express themselves through different techniques.
  • Connect with God through Art.
  • Learn creative problem-solving, "think outside the box," recognizing that there may be more than one way to accomplish a goal or solve a real-world problem.

Curricular Goals by Level:

  • Primary (Grades 4K-2):  Students spend 30 minutes per week with the Art Teacher in the Art Room, supplemented with an additional 60 minutes per week with the classroom teacher.
  • Intermediate and Middle School (Grades 3-8): Students spend 45 minutes per week with the Art Teacher in the Art Room. 

 Special Activities by Grade Level: 


Sensory Explorations


Printing/Collage/Water Color Resist/Apple Prints

1st Grade

Color Wheel Explorations

2nd Grade

Still Life Studies

3rd Grade


4th Grade

Designer Unit

5th Grade

Stuffed Animal Sewing

6th Grade

Large Scale Self-Portrait

7th Grade

Paper Mache Sculptures

8th Grade

Nativity Scene - Enlarged Grid Drawing

For more information about St. Mary Parish School's Art Program:

Contact: Ms. Michelle Gurnee
Art Teacher - K4 - 8th Grade