Lands' End Uniforms

Purchase your Uniforms from Land's End clicking on the Lands' End logo on the right hand side of this page.

Lands’ End donates a percentage back on the yearly net sales generated on St. Mary School's approved collection via this custom shopping site. The only way they track these sales is by families shopping the direct link. 

Reasons to purchase from Land's End:

  • "Guaranteed. Period" pledge of quality means customers can return ANY item, at ANY time. Washed? Worn? Logo'd? It doesn't matter--they'll take it back at any time if a customer isn't satisfied. 
  • Award-winning customer service--they're ranked in the Top 10 of national retail surveys every year.
  • Customized online stores--featuring only the product and colors within St. Mary School dress code--set up and hosted at no charge.
  • They cut a check for up to 6% of all school family purchases back to St Mary Parish School  once a year--each year they send over $1 Million Dollars back to the schools with whom they work.


 To Order Uniforms from Land's End, click on the photo below and enter in the school number provided: 

Lands End

 School Number:  900058595