Health Room

Health Care Team

  1. The health care team will consist of the Principal, the Administrative Assistant, and the School Secretaries, public health care nurse serving the school, local health officer, and to the extent that cooperation of such individuals can be obtained, the student and/or the student's parent or guardian and the student's physician. The team will confer, as necessary, with the village's medical advisor, the Parish's legal counsel, and with state public health officials.
  2. The health care team will convene at the request of the Principal to determine whether and under what circumstances a student may be sent home for diagnosis and treatment or excused from school attendance. The health care team may also receive referrals for the purpose of formulating recommendations regarding educational program modification, short of exclusion, that could permit the student to attend school without posing a significant threat to the health of self and others. 
  3. The health status of a student temporarily removed from the usual school setting to protect the health of self and others will be re-evaluated by the health care team at regular intervals. 
  4. The health care team will provide information to the Pastor and the Archdiocese to the extent permitted in light of confidentiality requirements.