Tree Nuts

People with tree nut allergies are generally also advised to avoid peanuts as cross-contamination is common, and people with tree nut allergies are more likely to develop peanut allergies. For the same reasons, people who are allergic to one type of tree nut are generally advised to avoid all types of tree nuts.

Tree nuts are not allowed in St. Mary's classrooms, or served in the school's hot lunch program.

Here is a list of tree nuts from

  • almond
  • beechnut
  • brazil nut
  • bush nut
  • butternut
  • cashew
  • chestnut
  • coconut
  • filbert
  • ginkgo nut
  • hazelnut
  • hickory nut
  • lichee nut
  • macadamia nut
  • nangai nut
  • pecan
  • pine nut
  • pistachio
  • shea nut
  • walnut