Future City

What is future city?

Future City is a cross-curricular project that helps students better understand the practical applications of math and science. Solving environmental problems while respecting the needs of a growing city is a hard balance to find but with the help of a real life engineer the students create answers.

 2016-2017 3rd Place Finalist - Greenthumbtopia!

 2016-2017 Parks and Wrek Team

 Parks and Wrek

Learn more by visiting their website. It does a great job explaining what the competition entails.

Students participating in this program must have SELF-DISCIPLINE and SELF-MOTIVATION to meet the demands of this project.  

There will be a brief introductory meeting with Mr. Czajkowski for all of those interested. Each of the teams will have 3 members that work together on the project. If you do not have a group of 3 in mind but would like to participate please come to the meeting and we will find a spot for you. If you cannot make it to the meeting please contact us and we will get back to you.





Adam Czajkowski

Email: czajkowskia@stmaryhc.org