Lunch Program

Hot Lunch Program:

St. Mary Parish School offers a healthy, nutritious, and balanced (protein, fruit and/or vegetable, carbohydrate) hot lunch daily.

  • All meals professionally prepared on site in our kitchen.
  • Numerous fruits and vegetables are offered weekly.
  • Limited processed foods.

Lenten requirements are followed through Lent.  

Hot Lunch Offering:

Parents are notified of what is being served for lunch on a monthly basis via the Monthly Activity/Lunch Calendar, allowing students and their parents to plan for days that they would prefer hot lunch.  A nutrition bar of veggies, fruit, or salad, is included with the meal and offered daily.  Changes to the hot lunch menu occur on a limited basis.

Additional Lunch Offering:

In addition to the item on the hot lunch menu, every day students will have a couple of other options:

  • A Newton Meal (Yogurt, graham cracker, string cheese, muffin and milk).
  • A Deli sub (turkey, ham, or club) or Caesar salad, depending upon the day of the week.

Hot Lunch and Milk Costs:

Lunch and milk money may be turned into the school office at anytime. Families are encouraged to submit one payment for all children. Checks should be made payable to: St. Mary Parish School.

When the account balance is low, either a text and/or an email notice will be sent. Each student is given a lunch card. Students intentionally destroying their card will be charged a $5 replacement cost.

Lunch includes milk.

Student Lunch 3K - 8th

$3.65 per day

Adult Lunch

$3.65 per day

Seconds (Hot Lunch Menu only)



$ .40


Please note:

Shared lunches are not allowed.

Parents are not allowed to bring fast food to the cafeteria for their child/ren.

Revised 08/2019





Lunch provided by A'viands


Matt Acompanado
School Kitchen Manager


Karen Roeder
Food Service Assistant