Volunteer Requirements

The support and participation of volunteers is crucial to the success of St. Mary Athletics, including:

  • Concessions
  • Coaching
  • Athletic Association membership

We ask that each family donate their time not only to help the athletic program function smoothly but to also foster the idea as examples to our;children that the donation of time and talent is one of the most selfless gifts we can give to our community.


Each family is expected to donate their time during volleyball and/or basketball seasons to operate the concessions stand, manage admissions,and clean the gym. Each family is required to pay volunteer fees when signing up their  children for sports at St. Mary. The volunteer fee is paid back to you as you work concessions for volleyball and basketball. You will receive $25.00 cash each time you volunteer for concession duty until you have "worked" back your volunteer fee.

We have created an online tool so that you can easily sign up to volunteer.

Coaching Membership

If you are interested in coaching at St. Mary, serving on the St. Mary Athletic Association, or volunteering other skills/abilities in support of the St. Mary Athletic Program, please contact us.