Stewardship of Time: Share Your Gifts at Mass

A great way to attend Mass is by becoming part of the liturgy. Following are descriptions of a few ministries that enable you to actively participate as you worship.

Liturgical Ministries

  • Eucharistic Ministers help distribute the Eucharist to the faith community, reminding us of the words of St. Paul: “You are the body of Christ.” 
  • Lectors proclaim the Word of God to the assembly. 
  • Assisting Sacristans work behind the scenes to ensure that the Mass runs smoothly.

Serving in these ministries is also a wonderful opportunity, as a parent, to impress upon your child the importance of serving in the parish community. Perhaps this role model action will inspire your child to participate as they get older.

You Control Your Availability and Schedule

Eucharistic Minister and Lector Schedules are posted on via an automated scheduler, Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP), three months prior to the commitment. With this scheduling system, you can commit for one month at a time or certain weeks out of the month. If a regular commitment is hard to predict with your lifestyle, there is also a need for fill-ins, known as subs, at all Masses. Subs can be requested through the software, in person, and, as the need arises by the Assisting Sacristan at a Mass you attend.

The role of Assisting Sacristan is a more structured scheduled with ministers typically committing to a particular weekend Mass for an indefinite period of time, and then volunteering based on more current availability for additional needs that occur throughout the year (i.e.: Holy Days and holidays).


Ready to Commit? Need More Information?

If you are interested in sharing your gifts and talents in a ministry of service or would like more information, please contact the individuals listed on this page for further information.













Contact Us

Eucharistic Minister Inquiries

Fred Kleczka
Liaison to Eucharistic Ministers

Lector Inquiries

Jim Symanski
Liaison to Lectors

Assisting Sacristan Inquiries

Daniel O'Connor
Director of Worship
(414) 425-2174, ext. 240