Hurricane Matthew Recovery Response and Update

Hurricane Matthew hit for 12 hours after the eye passed 10 miles to the west of the village of Latiboliere. (Latiboliere in located 10 kilometers from the city of Jeremie.) 

Everything is gone; trees, crops, roofs, non-cement homes and livestock. 
(View New York Times article for more information on the devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti.)

St. Mary has 16 years experience working with and learning from the people of Latiboliere and are best equipped to provide them with needed support both in the short and long term.

We can’t do large “emergency” disaster relief, but we know, and already work with, the local church, local Haitian leadership, Haitian network of expats, and established outside partners serving the area directly.

Urgent needs include water, food, shelter, and medicine.  As emergency relief agencies help, we will supplement as we are able, based on a direct connection to our sister community. 

We will build on these opportunities and continue to listen to the people in the village to find ways to support their needs.

Long term, we will be the ones still helping as the area rebuilds. 

Update - October 21, 2016
Fox 6 News Report - October 23, 2016

All donations will go directly to the people in Haiti. No Overhead. We listen to the needs of the people. We work directly with them to support the rebuilding initiatives that they have the capacity and talent to sustain.

Help us support and rebuild through donations!

"We have been thru the Darkness, but Light drives the Darkness away.
Then Life can begin anew. Our lives will be restored."
-Pe Tony (the first pastor we met in Latiboliere)


All donations will go directly to the people in Haiti. No Overhead. 

To donate to our emergency relief and rebuilding efforts...

Online donations:
 Haiti Hurricane Relief GoFundMe
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Mail donations to:
Haiti Relief Fund
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Make checks payable to St. Mary.
Note "Rebuild Haiti" on the memo line.

This a tax deductible donation.  


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