Everyday Faith

Our faith journey lasts a lifetime.  Each of us can tell our story and mark significant people and events that have helped us develop our faith, our relationship with Jesus.

Some of them are in a more formal setting; others sitting around the kitchen table or reading a daily inspiration or being with the church community.  Some of them are connected with our service to others.  Some of them loom large, but most are quite small.  Some we recognize immediately while others take on meaning as we look back.

This page leads you to several possibilities to help you connect your life to faith and your faith to life.

Not all are developed yet, so keep coming back for new additions!

  • If you want to hear how others live their faith or give their service, check out our brief parishioner videos.
  • If you are looking for inspiration, view Everyday Faith Resources.
  • If you want a good spiritual book, some titles may catch your attention


Here are short videos of parishioners who:

  • Witness to their faith journey and tell about their personal experience and commitment to Jesus.
  • Tell about their baptismal call to serve others.
  • Invite you to voice your faith or give your time and talent to the parish community and beyond.

Kris Kuchenbecker

“As I became more involved, my faith was renewed, and it was a great way for my children and I to discuss our faith together.”


Catherine Kearn

“I’ve been blessed by the circumstances and events of my life, and I believe that I must be that blessing to others.”


View Everyday Faith Video Archives for additional inspiration, motivation, and connectedness.