Grades 4K-5K


This program welcomes the youngest members to our Faith Community and teaches about God’s love for us. It is their introduction to the teachings of the Catholic Faith. They will learn about God’s love for them, their family and friends. They will learn about the Church and the Bible. Through the wonders of creation, they will learn about all the wonderful things God has given us.

Book: Stories of God’s Love 4/5, RCL



In this book Kindergartners will learn about the many ways God’s love affects them. God’s love gives us creation, makes me who I am, gives me people to love, gives me Jesus and teaches me to love.

Each lesson fosters warmth and wonderful traditions in the home where faith is spoken of and lived! The content and experiences are on target socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically for their age level. Through creative activities, stories, prayer experiences and special celebrations, the children
working together learn how to care for themselves and others.

Book: Stories of God’s Love Kindergarten, RCL



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