The Haiti Initiative - Haiti Earthquake Update, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010

This is a letter that we received from a letter from the members of the committee of our Haitian sister parish that are coordinating our efforts in the village of Latiboliere:

Good morning,

We had difficulty getting to the internet and we're sorry we haven't written you to tell you what is happening before now.

The earthquake that struck the country was worse in departments far from here. In this region there are some houses that collapsed; in our parish we also have families whose homes collapsed, especially in the areas of three of our chapels: chonel, labastille, and boyer, as well as in many other areas. This is very difficult for these people and others are caring for them.

We also have many families in Latiboliere in much pain because they have family members who died in Port-au-Prince. We are sad to tell you that Pierre Matin, the son of Mdm Lano who worked in the dispensary, was one of those who died in Port-au-Prince. Latiboliere is crying for all of her children; we all feel much pain in our hearts.

Another big problem we have now in the parish is that many people are coming here from Port-au-Prince. They are coming as quickly as they can because there is nothing left for them in Port-au-Prince. When they get here we welcome them because they are the children of the parish too, we much give them food, but there isn't much and the situation is difficult for all of us.

This is the message we wanted to send to all of the members of the committee at St. Marys.

Bona Lagrenade
Jean Pierre Louis
Dieuseul Démosthene
Mme Jude