The Haiti Initiative - Haiti Earthquake Update, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

We have heard from Latiboliere that the earthquake damaged homes but no lives were lost. Pe Dante is fine and so is Pe Tony. It is expected that those from Latiboliere who survived the earthquake in the capital city of Port-au-Prince will be making their way back to Latiboliere. In the weeks to come the situation is expected to deteriorate because of the horrendous destruction in the capital city.

As part of the Parish Twining Program of the America's and through our ten year relationship with the people of Latiboliere we have many contacts with the people who are doing the work on the ground. The place where we stay in Port-au-Prince when staging missions to Latiboliere is called Matthew 25. Currently they are operating a combination shelter/food program/clinic. People are sleeping on their soccer field, they are providing water and food and medical care as they are able.

For more information, please visit Earthquake Update on Matthew 25 House ETC.

The money donated to us here at St Mary's will be used first and immediately to provide the medical and food supplies needed to Matthew 25 in Port-au-Prince. Supplies and personnel are being organized as we speak.

Second, we will provide support to any of the urgent and critical situations that will arise for Latiboliere as supplies become more limited and the crisis spreads to the outlying areas.


Make checks payable to St. Mary Parish clearly designated for Haiti Earthquake Relief.

Send to:
St Mary Catholic Faith Community
9520 W. Forest Home Ave
Hales Corners, WI 53130

A Message from Our Archbishop:

"As your Archbishop, I was pained seeing in today's news the pictures of the destruction experienced by our sisters and brothers in Haiti. Yesterday's earthquake caused tremendous damage to a country that was already struggling under multiple burdens, including two massive storms in 2008 and widespread poverty.

At this time of loss, our prayers are with the Haitian people as we stand with them in solidarity. I am sure that many of your parishioners will want to add financial support to their prayers. As Christians, all of us have a great responsibility even in these difficult economic times, to assist those who are suffering even more than we, and so my hope is that all our parishes and schools do something to assist those in such dire need."

In deep gratitude for your solidarity with the Haitian people, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ
Most Reverent Jerome E Listecki