The Haiti Initiative - St. Mary's Medical Mission Report, Latiboliere January 2008 by Ray Moon

The St. Mary's Medical team returned to Hales Corners on January 26th, and thanks to your support had an extremely successful trip. Our team of 12 was comprised of three doctors, five nurses, a wound specialist, a labratory technician and two support people. The two newest members were a doctor and nurse from the MAYO clinic, and they added tremendous value.

We were well received by Father Dante Daniel, the priest who replaced Father Tony. The bishop of Haiti saw to it that we had an interpreter to assist us in the transition. His name was "Eddy" and he had worked with Father Dante before. He was invaluable and stayed with us at the rectory.

The medical clinic ran from Monday-Friday and we treated 741 patients, seeing 189 on a single day. The dental clinic, run by Brice Butler our Haitian hired dentist, saw 40-45 patients a day. We treated what ever malady came through the clinic doors. We had the testing kits along to test for HIV, malaria and Dengue fever, and we used them all. We also had two portable "nebulizers" and a battery run EKG machine that we used. The Haitian nurses got an opportunity to work side by side with our team!

On Wednesday a small group traveled to Gatineau, about 35 minutes by car from Latiboliere. This is where Dr. Katie Wolf is building a clinic. Our own Dr. Ron Schroeder was very impressed with what Dr. Wolf had done, and I predict that they will be joining forces.

The most exciting news is that as of February 1st Latiboliere will have a full time doctor, a young Haitian female who will be in Latiboliere for the next year as part of her residency. And, the pipes are being laid for pumping FRESH water from the top of the mountain to Latiboliere. Committee Latiboliere is busy working on several projects and we brought back a full report and pictures.

By Thursday the cistern on top of the rectory was empty, so there was no water coming out of the showerhead. We were all given two gallons of rainwater and a cup, which we used to dump the water over our heads. Best shower ever!!

Thanks especially to the people listed below!

  • Phil and Jan Gural/ Wimmer Brothers, transportation
  • Tom Sullivan/John Kouba/Tom Kessenich/Greg Saksefski, baggage handlers
  • Tom Schmitz/Carl's Catering, transportation
  • Bob and Dottie King, pre packers
  • Fred and Marianne Kramer, pre packers
  • The Mark Dunning family, pre packers