Pray-as-you-go Podcasts

This 10-15 minute weekday meditation is a great way to start or end each weekday with a scripture from the readings of the day, questions to reflect on and excellent music to feed the soul. This is a podcast that is available to download to an MP3 player for personal use.

This podcast is made possible by a Catholic group called Moonrock. Therefore, they consider every decision in producing this publication in light of the Catholic Tradition so as not to undermine their brand and their business - its ideals, its values, and most importantly the Catholic Church or the Catholic Faith.

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Please Note: These podcasts are provided here for your convenience and St. Mary Catholic Faith Community is not responsible for their content. We are not able to guarantee their availability, audio quality, or content. For more information or for help concerning these podcasts, please visit the Pray-As-You-Go web site.