I Can Statement - 6th Grade

Reading and Language Arts

I Can…

  • Recognize various sentence patterns.
  • Determine when to vary sentence patterns for meaning, reader/listener, or style. 
  • Interpret different types of figures of speech. 
  • Recognize textual evidence that supports inferences of text. 
  • Analyze how key individuals, events, and ideas are introduced, illustrated, and elaborated.
  • Analyze how sentences, paragraphs, chapters, or sections contribute to idea development.
  • Recall arguments and claims of a text.
  • Distinguish between textual facts and personal opinions or judgements.
  • Recognize meaning and tone in a text.
  • Recognize the difference of multiple text formats: text, audio, visual, live performance.
  • Orally present claims and findings sequencing ideas logically.
  • Write an argument including organization of reasons and evidence with credible sources.
  • Conduct a short research project to answer a question. 
  • Cite textual evidence to analyze explicit text.
  • Paraphrase and credit sources to avoid plagiarism. 
  • Provide basic bibliographic information. 


I Can…

  • Can discuss the roles of Scripture and Tradition in Catholic life.
  • Use the Bible as a source for understanding the Church’s faith.
  • View one’s growing sense of moral understanding as a part of an emerging identity.
  • Engage in adoration, recognizing that we are creatures of God.






I  Can…

  • Identify ratios, calculate unit rate, and solve proportions.
  • Compute arithmetic operations including   dividing by a fraction and mixed numbers.
  • Comprehend and work with rational numbers including fractions, percentages, and negative numbers.
  • Simplify expressions and solve equations.
  • Calculate area, surface area, and volume.
  • Analyze basic statistics. 



I Can…

  • Explain the orbital motion of objects in the solar system. 
  • Summarize the accomplishments of a      contributing scientist in Earth Science.
  • Describe technologies used to predict,  monitor, and minimize the effects of natural hazards.
  • Create a model home that withstands an earthquake simulation. 



Social Studies

I Can…

  • Interpret and explain the development of money in history.
  • Locate and identify physical features in the World.
  • Compare ancient and present day communities around the World.
  • Identify and describe significant people in the major eras in the United States and World History.
  • Analyze significant events and the major eras of the United States and the World.
  • Identify past and present countries in the World.