Allergic Reaction

911 will always be called if an EpiPen is administered.

If an allergic reaction occurs:

  1. Student will be accompanied to the office, if able.
  2. The school secretary, teacher or principal will care for the student.
  3. 911 will be called prior to or simultaneously, with call to parent.
  4. The student should be medically evaluated and monitored following EpiPen administration.  Transportation will be via ambulance, unless deemed safe by EMT/Paramedic for parent to transport child for medical evaluation.
  5. School staff will document time and site of medication administration.

The useful effects of an EpiPen last approximately 15 minutes.  EpiPen is designed to be used as emergency supportive therapy until the student can be evaluated at a medical facility.

In addition, the teacher will be responsible for taking the EpiPen along on field trips.  Parents/guardians will make after school directors/coaches, etc. aware of allergies and potential allergic reactions.