There are several accommodations that parents of food allergic children work with St. Mary's to provide. Here are some that are done now. If there are other accommodations that you would like to provide for your child, feel free to contact your child's teacher and Mrs. Schram.

  • Drop off your EpiPens. Make sure that you give your child's EpiPens to the office (labeled with your child's name). Parents provide up to three EpiPens for their children, one that is kept in the office health room, one that is kept in the child's classroom, and one that is kept in the cafeteria.
  • Speak to your child's teacher about special accommodations. This step can be largely flexible, depending on your concerns for your child. Some parents provide prepackaged treats for the teacher to give their child in lieu of birthday treats. Some parents ask that no food outside of what's provided by them be given to their child. Some parents ask to be contacted if there is an occasion in which food will be provided to the children.
  • Talk to the room moms. Room moms are in charge of planning classroom parties. Parents of food allergic parents should communicate with them to make sure that party treats are safe.
  • Put your child's information on the cafeteria bulletin board. A bulletin board is available in the cafeteria to put a picture of your child and his or her allergies so that cooks and cafeteria supervisors are aware of the children who have allergies.
  • Speak with the cooks. If your child will be taking hot lunch, you should feel free to speak with the cooks about what ingredients are in each meal.
  • Make allergy cards for your child. Your child's classroom teacher knows about your child's allergies, but what about the rest of the teachers your child sees during the day (gym, library, technology, music, Spanish, etc.)? You can put a picture of your child on an index card along with the following information: your child's name, classroom number and teacher, food allergies, and the location of your child's EpiPens. Make a set of these, and Mrs. Schram will hand them out to the teachers.