About Go MAD Initiative

Addressing Homelessness and Poverty

LET’S GO MAD!!!  (“Go MAKE A DIFFERENCE”) Asking our community to “Go MAD” sounds a bit radical, maybe even crazy? But we are in good company because that we all know that the life of Jesus is filled with things that were radical shifts in the culture of his day. Our goal is to raise a whole new energy about doing the work of God. We are asking everyone to – GO MAD for God!

As you know Milwaukee is the 4th poorest city in the US.  The sluggish, depressed economy has an effect on all of us but unfortunately impacts the poorest of the poor more.  With less to begin with, holding on with a shoestring is hardest for those at the bottom.

The “Go Mad” (make a difference) initiative is designed to engage the whole parish in helping the area homeless that find themselves on the bottom.  By developing a deep relationship between 4 chosen ministry partners that do the real heavy lifting we can make a huge impact.  We ask that everyone get involved in small ways.

The ministry partners, who help the homeless of any age/sex are:

Repairers of the Breach - Milwaukee's only daytime homeless shelter and resource center.

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative (MHVI)- Working with homeless vets to get them off the street and connect to needed services  (No-one is left behind).

Lissy’s Place:  A safe haven for homeless single women from the age of 17-30.  Young women are provided a personal room. They participate in training programs that help them to get an education and learn skills needed to find employment.

Pathfinders: Provides Milwaukee youth shelter, safety, hope & healing.  We support the work of  Pathfinders help runaways; throwaway and homeless youth age 11-25.

Get involved by contacting the social concerns ministry office at 414-425-2174.

Contact Us

Pam Lownik
(414) 425-2174, ext. 356
Email: lownikp@stmaryhc.org